The day I tried to have lunch in Le Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower

The day I tried to have lunch in Le Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower

I’ve always wanted to view Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 360 degree view of Paris.
However, I love Paris too much to waste 3 hours or more queuing for the privilege.

You need to savour “The City of Lights”
We go to Paris every year on business,  it’s always a pleasure too 💕💕💕
Paris is inspirational, the fashion capital of the world. We are in the jewellery business and need to keep on top of new trends.

In 2015 we did our usual business trip to Paris. We stayed in The Hilton Paris Opera Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel.

ea034d3b-339a-4a3d-8220-c705c653f0e5.jpegThe beautiful foyer of the Hilton. My darling husband having fun 😄

Finished doing our business,  I decided it was time to finally see Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
I googled the easiest way to do this. Lunch at Le Jules Verne Restaurant allows private access to the Eiffel Tower.

“Brian, I’d like to have lunch at the Eiffel Tower and view Paris from the top of the tower”

“Ah pet, you know there’s a 3 month waiting list “

“I know but can’t we ask the concierge to make a call?”
A dumb priest never got a parish !!!

After a  Parisian petite dejuener 🥐🥞 we are ready to hit the shops.
On the way I go over to the concierge and ask if he could  get a reservation for Le Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

“Pardon Madame mais c’est impossible. There’s a very long waiting list.”

“ I know, but sure it’s worth a try, maybe there could be a cancellation.
S’il vous plaît monsieur”

We arrive back to the hotel with our purchases 🛍🛍🛍
There is a very excited concierge beckoning at me.

“I’ve been calling your room. Madame, you will not believe it but you have a lunch reservation at Le Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.”
This is incredible. How could this happen?

The restaurant wasn’t open to the public that day. The date was blocked booked.
The chef of the restaurant Alain Ducasse was throwing a private party for friends. One group of friends cancelled earlier that day.
There were a few tables released.

Dress Code
I ask the concierge if there is a dress code.
Smart casual, no runners or shorts. Perfect.
I’m excited. I’m going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and dining in one of the most sought after romantic restaurants in Paris 😁 About to make magical memories with my man 💕💕

I don the glad rags, the heels & the lippy 👠👛👗💄. Brian’s looking dapper in his best bib & tucker. 👔👖👞 We’re all set. We take a taxi to La Tour Eiffel.

We watch all the people queuing patiently to take the elevators to the top. Throngs of people.

Brian checking out the map.

I ask a security guard for directions to Le Jules Verne Restaurant.
The restaurant has a dedicated entrance, there’s no queue whatsoever.
What a relief 😅

88ACF1F2-1EBA-4174-8F0F-5B22B2FBA861Photo Credit : Le Jules Verne. I was too preoccupied and excited to take a photo.

We find the entrance. There’s a security check. The gentleman at check in asks for our names. YES, we are on the list, yippee.

We go through the entrance and there we are IN the base of La Tour Eiffel.
There are enormous rusty cables, giant girders, pillars.
It’s dark and dreary 😞 I’m not impressed.
Brian is marvelling at the engineering.


The stairs to the waiting area.



A handsome young Frenchman appears. He escorts us to a tiny waiting area and informs us that another gentleman will escort us to the restaurant.
Just as we are getting into the elevator we see 4 tourists trying to book a table. They are told there aren’t any available.
Aren’t we the lucky ones ☘️ The luck of the Irish.

The private elevator takes guests right up to Le Jules Verne, Restaurant.

The windows on the elevator provide jaw dropping views.

I’m gasping , the attendant enjoys my excitement🤣 The tiny elevator rockets 🚀 us straight up to the restaurant.

The decor is minimalistic, understated, chic, elegant, French, I love it.

It’s French glamour hidden within the Eiffel Tower away from the throngs of tourists
It’s surreal – you are inside The Eiffel Tower and you never forget this.

Everywhere you look you are constantly reminded of where you are.
The magical views from the second floor of The Eiffel Tower are breathtaking.
We are seated next to the window. Best view in the restaurant – am I dreaming?


The atmosphere, ambience is romantic & relaxed. The staff is friendly, professional and chatty. We are offered an aperitif

“We’ll have a Kir Royal to start. S’il vous plât”

The head waiter offers to take our photo. Nice touch.

French culinary heritage is the focus on the menu.
Classic dishes are accompanied by some excellent wines.

Bíonn blas milis ar phraiseach na gcomharsan (The neighbours’ porridge tastes sweet).    It’s nice to dine out. I agree ☝️

A quote from the Michelin Star Chef :
“ An experience at the heart of the Eiffel Tower,
a unique venue infused with dreams and magic…”
Alain Ducasse

512995FD-B1E5-4219-B025-A42A381D53A8Brian relaxing, soaking up the ambience🥂

There were only 8 people in the restaurant. Three tables. The waiters told us that it’s usually hectic busy. We were lucky to practically have the restaurant to ourselves.

The private party in the main restaurant was for The Chef Alain Ducasse and friends. Half way through our meal we saw them leave laden with goody bags.

The food, the wine , the service –  superb.

We had a great rapport with our server. He loves Ireland and the Irish ☘️ Viva La France aussi 🇫🇷


The butter is shaped like the base of The Eiffel Tour.

Food orders taken. The waiters are constantly arriving with magical morsels of tiny tasty bites. I’m too busy enjoying the food and the ambience to take photos.

Brian had Foie Gras for starter – The best ever.  I had the succulent seafood starter (superb)

Brian had Coquilles St. Jacques ( Scallops) for main course. He chuckles with sheer happiness  😊

My John Dory with assorted vegetables & the tastiest sauce I’ve ever had was amazing.

The presentation & taste of the food was Michelin melt in the mouth star quality.




We managed to leave room for dessert🍧

Brian had Baba imbibe à l’Armagnac, Chantilly peu fouettée = sponge cake with chantilly cream & Armagnac  liqueur. The waiter stages a great moment when he dramatically pours the liqueur – only in Paris!


I enjoyed desert avec framboises chocolat and edible gold leaf. The jeweler loving the gold.


Mini macaroons , chocolates, petit fours, and homemade marshmallows also arrived with the dessert.

Another Highlight : After the meal guests can go straight on to the second floor viewing deck. This deck is for guests of the restaurant only.  It’s free, no crowds , no queuing.

On our way to the viewing deck we went through the larger main dining room. It was empty so we saw the views from another angle.

The views of one of the world’s most beautiful cities are majestic & magnificent.

360 degree views of Paris

Memories made to cherish forever.


               View from our table.




Merci  beaucoup Monsieur Gustave Eiffel for creating this wonderful iconic tower.

Merci beaucoup aussi To Michelin Star Chef  Alain Ducasse & the staff of Le Jules Verne Restaurant for the wonderful experience.

Merci Beaucoup Beautiful Brian – making memories with you is always magical ✨✨✨



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